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Friday, March 17, 2017

Meal Plan Monday 54

Hey friends, neighbors, family, and squirrels! Welcome back to another great Meal Plan Monday. We've got some delicious food to serve up this week so let's dive right in!

One look at the ingredient list and we knew full well why all of y'all clicked so much on this one!
Our only comments on this are: YES.

Lemon Icebox Pie CU 11
Third up, one of the blogging world's sweethearts, Miss K joins us to offer up her Daddy's Lemon Ice Box Pie.
Seeing that this was the most clicked on recipe last week just further confirms what we already figured out about y'all - You're smart folks!

This week's host feature is:


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    1. Thanks for stopping by Kris! Join us each week for an all new MPM. Be sure to link back for a chance to have your recipe featured. If you're in the sharing mood, share MPM to your social media outlets on Monday so everyone can enjoy recipes from favorite bloggers :) Have a wonderful weekend.


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