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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Made in the South

Garden & Gun's 5th Annual Made in the South Award ~ delicate globes, each one perfectly distinct, that taste like trout fresh from the opalescent waters of the Western  North Carolina mountains.


Made in South Carolina Garden & Gun's 5th Annual Made in the South Award You think you know salt. But try a pinch from Bulls Bay, and then a sample from a big-name competitor, and you’ll understand what salt maker Teresa Gooden means when she de-scribes how textures and flavors of different salts can vary widely depending on location and environmental factors. “Ours has a very briny flavor, and is a little bit on the sweet side,” she says. 

backside of tea and soupspoon | annladson.com

Made in South Carolina Garden & Guns's 5th Annual Made in the South Award Though Ann Ladson Stafford hung up her apron years ago, the pastry chef turned jeweler—who wielded her whisk at the Charleston restaurants Peninsula Grill and FIG—hasn’t been able to shake the time she spent in the kitchen. Which is why she decided to apply her metalsmithing skills to tableware. “As a pastry chef, my most precious tool was a sterling silver spoon I carried in my chef coat,” she says. That favored utensil became the inspiration 

Made in Georgia Garden & Gun's 5th Annual Made in the South AwardsThe knife maker re-purposes saw blades from Appalachian lumber mills that once dotted the rolling landscape and transforms them into hand-wrought cooking tools.

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